UCLA Spotlight


Lego guy Henry Lim

Henry Lim and dinosaurDuring business hours, Henry Lim is a technical services assistant at UCLA's music library. But after hours he's an artist in his own right. Lim's Lego sculptures are exhibited at trade shows and museums. And he lives with a 14-foot Lego dinosaur, a personal favorite.   Continue »
Jan 18, 2011

Bruin Angels

One of the four Bruin Angels for 2010All year round, UCLA staffers Laurie Liles, Paul Tenorio, Laura Rippstein and Joshua Witt model selfless service to others. That's why their peers nominated them as "Bruin Angels" for 2010.   Continue »
Dec 13, 2010

June Dickson and driver safety

June DicksonJune Dickson is the driving force behind driver safety training for UCLA Fleet and Transit.   Continue »
Oct 25, 2010

Bicycle activist Ayla Stern

Ayla SternStaffer Ayla Stern joins the L.A. Bicycle Advisory Committee.  Continue »
Sep 3, 2010

Gerard Au, new Staff Assembly president

Gerard AuAs a UCLA undergraduate, Gerard Au commuted to campus and missed out on many aspects of campus life. Now that he's president of Staff Assembly, he's determined to create a strong sense of community for UCLA employees.   Continue »
Aug 23, 2010

Stella Krieger, Fowler Museum Shop

Stella KriegerAs manager and sole buyer for the Fowler Museum Store, Stella Krieger gets paid to do something she loves: seek out and purchase beautiful, unique, handcrafted items.  Continue »
Jun 26, 2010

Moisés Román and Science for Kids

Moises RomanMoisés Román '96, alumnus and director of UCLA's University Village kindergarten, is also a consultant on the PBS show "Sid the Science Kid."   Continue »
Jun 26, 2010

Tribute to John Wooden

John WoodenLegendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden died June 4, 2010 at age 99.  Continue »
Jun 4, 2010

Mei Lani Renger: Hospital Hero

Nurse Mei Lani Renger"A model of inspiration and compassion" is how the director of nursing describes Mei Lani Renger, a senior nurse in the neuro intensive care unit (neuroICU)of the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. With 15 years of experience, Renger is a mentor to others and steadfast in her support of patients and families.   Continue »
Mar 22, 2010

Maureen Wadleigh goes for the goal

Maureen WadleighUCLA Recreation's Maureen Wadleigh has played soccer since her childhood. That focus on the goal has carried over to her job, and her newest challenge: president of Staff Assembly.   Continue »
Jul 27, 2009

Rich Ohara: Campus beautiful

Close-up of Rich OharaFor 18 years, landscape architect Rich Ohara and his staff have tended the lawns and gardens of UCLA. Natural beauty and sustainability top his list of goals.   Continue »
Mar 23, 2009

Carol Block embraces campus and community

Carol Block close-upAnyone who expected Chancellor Block's wife to fill only a ceremonial role, smiling alongside her husband, doesn't know Carol Block.   Continue »
Mar 9, 2009

Stephanie Fisher: Living Well with MS

Stephanie FisherStephanie Fisher has a passion for helping - even her dog is a certified therapy dog who works with her to assist patients with MS.  Continue »
Feb 23, 2009

Nurit Katz, Sustainability Coordinator

Nurit KatzNurit Katz is UCLA's first sustainability coordinator, and the first employee dedicated completely to making the campus 'greener.'  Continue »
Dec 15, 2008

On the cutting edge of culture: Ann Philbin

Ann PhilbinThe Hammer Museum collection spans the centuries. But director Ann Philbin focuses on the art of our times, especially emerging artists.   Continue »
Nov 17, 2008

Beginning now: the Nikki Caldwell era

Nikki CaldwellNew women's basketball coach Nikki Caldwell understands UCLA's championship tradition. She has championship rings of her own.   Continue »
Nov 10, 2008

Marsha Coutin: She 'grows' leaders

Marsha CoutinSince 1981 Marsha Coutin has devoted her prodigious skills to helping staff grow and thrive.   Continue »
Jun 23, 2008

Reaching out to students with special needs

Kathy MoliniKathy Molini, director of UCLA's Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD), remembers vividly the day she decided to become independent.  Continue »
May 19, 2008

Energizing the teaching of black history

close-up of Lisbeth Gant-BrittonLisbeth Gant-Britton, a student affairs officer at UCLA, has written a history book that's energizing the teaching of black history in high schools.  Continue »
Feb 29, 2008

Jamie Hoffman, Recreation

Jamie HoffmanIn one kayak, a child with autism. In another, an 80-year-old man who survived a stroke. Jamie Hoffman encourages people with disabilities to leave their wheelchairs on the dock and go play on the water.   Continue »
Dec 14, 2007

Gwendolyn Terry keeps UCLA moving

Gwendolyn Terry, a campus shuttle driver, keeps UCLA moving: students, staff, faculty and visitors.  Continue »
Oct 22, 2007

Maxwell Barr, king of costumes

Costumer Maxwell Barr unites history and design to help students produce authentic costumes for the School of Theater, Film and Television  Continue »
Oct 8, 2007

Saul Sarabia: pursuing social change

As a UCLA student, Saul Sarabia fought for social change. Now he's back on campus with the School of Law's Critical Race Studies program. And he's still working for change.   Continue »
Feb 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, Coach Wooden

October 14th marks the birthday of John Wooden, legendary UCLA basketball coach. But what does one give a man who already has so much? The answer: a post office.   Continue »
Oct 9, 2006

Eddie Murphy, Emeriti/Retirees Relations Center

Hollywood may have its Eddie Murphy, but UCLA's has its own version. UCLA's Eddie Murphy is director of the Emeriti/Retirees Relations Center.   Continue »
Jul 3, 2006

Helen Berman and the UCLA Center on Aging

Helen Berman, executive administrator of UCLA's Center on Aging, oversees the services offered to seniors at UCLA, from courses that help counter memory-loss to programs that allow seniors to sit in on UCLA lectures.  Continue »
May 25, 2006

Rosa Calva gives EMTs the words they need to comfort patients

When Rosa Calva began working as an office manager at UCLA's Center for Prehospital Care, she noticed almost no paramedics spoke Spanish. Now she teaches a widely successful course in medical Spanish.  Continue »
May 2, 2006

Hassan Ghamlouch and the Staff Assembly

After immigrating to the US from Lebanon, Hassan Ghamlouch graduated from UCLA in 1995. Now he is both the president of the Staff Assembly and the manager of the UCLA Guest House. Find out more about Ghamlouch and his duties.  Continue »
Feb 1, 2005

Al Aubin, Career Center Counselor

Everyone knows Al Aubin, the reason: he is incredibly effective at serving a large diverse group of people. Aubin, a counselor at UCLA's Career Center was recently received the UCLA Staff Assembly's 2004 Excellence in Service Award.   Continue »
Aug 1, 2004

Natalie Cole, California Center for the Book

Natalie Cole is passionate about books and reading, that's why she feels right at home directing the California Center for the Book. The center, located at UCLA, provides a range of outreach programs for students and adults in libraries across the state. Find out more about Cole's work and what the center does in general.   Continue »
Jun 1, 2004

June Solnit Sale, UCLA Child Care Services Director, 1978-1991

June Solnit Sale became director of UCLA's Child Care Services in 1978, when the program was in financial crisis. With her expertise and skill in the field, she brought the program back from the edge, making it an exemplary program for children and a model for the community. Read more about this incredible woman.   Continue »
Apr 1, 2004

Lorena Iniguez, UCLA's Jonsson Cancer Center

Lorena Inguez takes calls at UCLA's Johnsson Cancer Center's clinical trials referral service from cancer patients that are wanting to take part in a cutting-edge clinical trial. But her job entails much more than that; Inguez, who is also a UCLA alumna, knows that she can help these desperate patients simply by listening to them and lessening their emotional burden.  Continue »
Mar 1, 2004

Irene Aiko Miyamoto, Pediatric Chaplain

As the first full-time Chaplain at UCLA's Mattel Children's Hospital, Irene Aiko Miyamoto's job is not an easy one. Read about the types of duties she performs and about the path that brought her to where she is today.  Continue »
Jan 1, 2004

Jeff Richmond, Senior Electronics Technician

Jeff Richmond has been at almost every musical performance at UCLA for the past 20 years, not as an audience member, but as a sound technician. This senior sound technician talks about his experience and what brought him to UCLA.  Continue »
Dec 1, 2003

Karen Fond, Children's Health Center

Karen Fond, a pediatric nurse practitioner and child development specialist in the Children’s Health Center, volunteers several hours a week as coordinator for Reach Out and Read, a program that gives a book to every child that comes into the health center for a check-up.   Continue »
Dec 1, 2003

David Sefton, Director, UCLA Live

Three years ago David Sefton arrived at UCLA to head up the performing arts program, since then he has revolutionized it. This Briton has brought the edgy and experimental to the West Coast, while retaining an eye for the classic. Take a look at what he has been doing so far.  Continue »
Nov 1, 2003

Debbie Mills, UCPD Officer of the Year

When Debbie Mills was awarded the UCPD Officer of the Year award she was very surprised; she didn't feel as though she had done more than any of her fellow officers. Her fellow officers, however, disagreed.   Continue »
Sep 1, 2003

Annie Alpers, Life Sciences

Annie Alpers, the recipient of the Excellence in Service Award this month, manages three departments, reports to four chairs and pulls it off seamlessly. Don't believe it? Take a look.  Continue »
Jul 1, 2003

James Q. Wilson and John Wooden, Presidential Medal of Freedom

At the White House ceremony to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom, alphabetical order determined that James Q. Wilson and John Wooden would be seated together. But the two men have a stronger link than last names beginning with “W”: Both Wilson and Wooden played important roles at UCLA.  Continue »
Jul 1, 2003

Pam Cysner, Center for Student Programming

Pam Cysner of UCLA's Center for Student Programming has worked in training people to use non-violent ways of communication to convey their point for years. In her opinion, it is not anger that is troublesome, but the ways in which one chooses to express it that can be.  Continue »
Apr 1, 2003

Moises Roman, Child Care Services

Moises Ramon has a gift with children. Growing up the oldest of five children, Ramon has been around children his whole life. Now he is the head teacher of the University Village Center in West L.A. Find out why he thinks it is important to have male teachers early in life.  Continue »
Mar 1, 2003

Chefs Hans Elbel and Andre Lehmann

Ever wonder where the enormous amount of baked goods in UCLA's dining commons comes from? Turns out it is not magical elves or robots that bake it, but these two guys: Hans Elbel and Andre Lehmann.  Continue »
Dec 1, 2002

Antoinette Reynolds, Ashe Center

Antoinette Reynolds, an administrative specialist in the Arthur Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center, also works very hard outside of work. She volunteers for Angel Tree, a program established to give presents to children on behalf of their incarcerated parents.   Continue »
Dec 1, 2002

Ronni Sanlo, LGBT Studies

The first time Ronni Sanlo can remember having feelings for another woman was in 1958; she was eleven years old and in love with Annette Funicello of "The Mickey Mouse Club". Now, a marriage, kids, and a half a lifetime later, she is director of the UCLA LGBT office and does some very interesting work.  Continue »
Nov 1, 2002

Linnaea Mallette, Office of Research Administration

When staff-member Linnaea Mallette was only four years old she suffered a fever of 106 degrees. The fever left her hearing severely damaged, not only affecting her auditory comprehension, but also her speech patterns. But Mallette would not be stopped by her disability and is now happily married and an incredibly active member of her community.   Continue »
Oct 1, 2002

Rick Holmes, Media Systems

What drives Rick Holmes is a desire to solve problems. As chief engineer in the Media Systems Design Department of the Office of Instructional Development, he constantly is figuring out how to make the office more techno-friendly. His love affair with this field began as a motion-picture brat growing up in Los Angeles. See what he has to say about his experiences at UCLA.  Continue »
Jul 1, 2002

Kit Spikings, Alumni Association

Kit Spikings has been working for the Alumni Association for nearly three decades, but it was only three years ago that she began to volunteer for the UCLA Medical Center; an experience that has changed her life. Spikings shows us that just because one is not a doctor or a nurse, doesn't mean they can't give tremendously in the medical arena.  Continue »
May 1, 2002

Alfred Herrera, Outreach

UCLA staff member Alfred Herrera knows how hard it is for the underrepresented to pursue higher education; when he was in college he worked three jobs just to support himself. For the past 15 years he has been head coordinator of the community college to UCLA transfer program and has been doing his job well. Learn about why he and others feel it so important to start educational reform at the community college level.   Continue »
Jan 1, 2002

Susan Townsley, Staff Assembly

Susan Townsley isn't your normal UCLA staff member; she spends almost all her free time making things easier for other UCLA staff and faculty members. This spirited woman thrives on being as involved as possible, perhaps this is why she loves her work so much.  Continue »
Mar 1, 2001

Al Scates, Volleyball Coach

In 1964, UCLA Men's Volleyball coach Al Scates tried to resign after letting one of John Wooden's basketball players play in a match. Fortunately his resignation was not accepted. Scates continued on, building a volleyball dynasty that has lasted decades and has seen some of the nation's top Volleyball players pass through its gates. This spotlight sheds some light into what makes Scates such a great coach.  Continue »
Feb 1, 2001

Patricia Pratt, School of Medicine

Patricia Pratt has a knack for the recruitment and retention of UCLA medical students. In fact, this year the Association of American Medical Colleges has presented her with a prestigious service award. Find out why Pratt attributes her difficult childhood as the main reason for giving her these special skills.  Continue »
Nov 13, 2000

Mike Delzotti, UniCamp

Mike "Badger" Delzotti heads up UniCamp, an official UCLA charity that sends impoverished children to camp. Since taking over, Delzotti has pulled the charity out of a deficit and expanded its operations. Who is this miracle-working Badger? This spotlight holds the answer.  Continue »
Oct 2, 2000

Valorie Kondos Field, Gymnastics Coach

In 1972 a young ballerina diagnosed with scoliosis was told she could not do gymnastics because of her back. This young girl grew up to be Valorie Kondos-Fields, head gymnastics coach of UCLA. Heading up one of the top gymnastics programs in the nation, Kondos-Fields was named national Coach of the Year in '96 and '97 and brought the team to the NCAA title in '97 and 2000. Find out more about her journey in this month's staff spotlight.  Continue »
Sep 25, 2000

John Wooden, Basketball Legend

He is the legendary basketball coach that led the Bruins to 10 titles in 12 seasons: John Robert Wooden. However, this "Wizard of Westwood", who ESPN called the Coach of the 20th century, is not only wizardly on the court, he has also written many books and considers himself more of a teacher than a coach. How is it that this famous Bruin was almost lost to the University of Minnesota? This and more in this month's staff spotlight.   Continue »
Jul 17, 2000