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World-Class Community Resource

Santa Monica HospitalUCLA Health System's Santa Monica campus will open to patients in early 2012  Continue »
Sep 12, 2011

Creating Knowledge Through Research - as Undergraduates

Paula WuUCLA students don’t have to wait till grad school to do research.  Continue »
Jul 14, 2011

Sparking a Love of Science

Undergrad citylabUCLA undergrads work with high school students to inspire them toward science and college  Continue »
Jun 3, 2011

Applauding Public Service

Aaron WillliamsCommencement ceremony will honor those devoted to serving others  Continue »
Jun 3, 2011

2010 UCLA Awards

UCLA Awards pay tribute to alumni and friends who manifest outstanding achievement in their professional fields and in service to their communities, the public and the university.  Continue »
May 20, 2011

U.S. fiction finds a patron

Mark McgurlUCLA English professor Mark McGurl examines the role of university-level creative writing programs in postwar American fiction.   Continue »
Apr 18, 2011

Jazz greats join forces

Herbie HancockherJazz greats Herb Alpert, Kenny Burrell and Herbie Hancock have launched a groundbreaking partnership between the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music and the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz.  Continue »
Apr 15, 2011

Tell to Win

Peter GuberUCLA professor and Hollywood producer Peter Guber talks about his new book, Tell to Win. Guber believe the power of storytelling can make the difference between success and failure.   Continue »
Mar 8, 2011

Peer Learning

Students working with tutorsStudent tutors provide powerful support, both academic and personal. It's all part of the Academic Advancement Program's Learning Tutorials.   Continue »
Mar 7, 2011

UCLA celebrates 50 years with the Peace Corps

Logo for UCLA-Peace Corps 50th anniversaryFrom March 2 to 5, 2011, UCLA celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps. UCLA has been involved with the Peace Corps since its founding. Many volunteers trained at UCLA, and UCLA is among the top 10 universities in terms of the number of students who become Peace Corps volunteers.   Continue »
Feb 22, 2011

Kareem teaches

Kareem Abdul-JabbarUCLA basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar introduces students at 30 high schools to the Harlem Renaissance. His documentary, "On the Shoulders of Giants," deals with the explosion in African-American art, literature, sports, music and politics that characterized the 1920s and 30s in New York.   Continue »
Feb 22, 2011

$200 million gift creates Dream Fund at UCLA

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block and Kirk Kerkorian, founder of The Lincy Foundation, today announced the formation of the Dream Fund at UCLA.  Continue »
Feb 14, 2011


Dr. Barbara Natterson HorowitzBarbara Natterson Horowitz is one of a dozen UCLA physicians who have extended their unstinting compassion for their human patients to ailing animals.   Continue »
Feb 7, 2011

Voices of Egypt

John Scott-RailtonJohn Scott-Railton, an urban planning doctoral student at UCLA, is helping Egyptians broadcast their eyewitness accounts to the outside online world during the chaotic days of protests and rioting.  Continue »
Feb 2, 2011

Business of Sports

Economics professor Lee OhanianEconomics professor Lee Ohanian leads a new undergraduate seminar on the business of sports. This lively course is designed to introduce students to economic theory in an interesting way.   Continue »
Feb 2, 2011

A $100 million vote of confidence

Alumni Renee and Meyer LuskinUCLA as a public asset? Meyer and Renee Luskin have cast a $100 million vote of confidence. Their gift will fund the School of Public Affairs and a new conference center.   Continue »
Jan 26, 2011

Visions of 2050: Laurence Smith looks at global warming

Geography professor Laurence C. SmithWhen geography professor Laurence C. Smith set out to look at the impact of climate change on people, he found that he also had to consider trends in population graphics, resource demand and globalization. All these trends will interact to shape the word in 2050.   Continue »
Jan 18, 2011

Student spirituality

Silhouette of student meditating at UCLAHelen and Alexander Astin have long been known for their ground-breaking work for HERI, the Higher Education Research Institute. Now the two education professors are examining the inner lives of students and student spirituality.   Continue »
Jan 18, 2011

Lego guy Henry Lim

Henry Lim and dinosaurDuring business hours, Henry Lim is a technical services assistant at UCLA's music library. But after hours he's an artist in his own right. Lim's Lego sculptures are exhibited at trade shows and museums. And he lives with a 14-foot Lego dinosaur, a personal favorite.   Continue »
Jan 18, 2011

Wireless Health

Majid SarrafzadehComputer science professor Majid Sarrafzadeh uses the analogy of a car to help explain Wireless Health. We don't take the car to a mechanic to figure out when we'll run out of gas. Instead, we rely on continual monitoring of fuel levels. What if health care was also based on 24/7 monitoring and proven data?   Continue »
Jan 10, 2011

Science Rap

Prof. Neil GargOrganic chemistry might not seem like an obvious topic for a music video. But UCLA students Justin Banaga, Kimberly Bui and Yannick Goeb have found an audience for their "Chemistry Jock" YouTube video.   Continue »
Dec 17, 2010

Cello professor wins Latin Grammy

Cello professor Antonio LysyCello Professor Antonio Lysy's concert with the Capitol Ensemble led to a Latin Grammy win for "Pampas," a song that evoked memories of the vast grasslands he visited with his father, a famed violinist born in Argentina.   Continue »
Dec 17, 2010

Bruins on Broadway

Susan Egan, the Belle of Broadway"Broadway Bruins" include Heather Lindell, Taylor Sternberg, Susan Egan, John Rando and Kristen Hanggi. Some perform, others direct or design. Current shows include Jersey Boys and La Cage aux Folles.   Continue »
Dec 17, 2010