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UCLA marks anniversary of Ralph Bunche receiving Nobel Peace Prize

Ralph BuncheSixty years ago, Ralph Bunche became the first UCLA alumnus to win a Nobel Prize. He is still the only UCLA winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.   Continue »
Dec 13, 2010

Robert Chao Romero

Detail of book cover, The Chinese in MexicoAs a child, Robert Chao Romero was uncomfortable with his Chinese heritage. But in law school at UC Berkeley, he discovered that his grandfather had been the leader of a Christian student movement in China.   Continue »
Dec 13, 2010

Bruin Angels

One of the four Bruin Angels for 2010All year round, UCLA staffers Laurie Liles, Paul Tenorio, Laura Rippstein and Joshua Witt model selfless service to others. That's why their peers nominated them as "Bruin Angels" for 2010.   Continue »
Dec 13, 2010

Fighter for equal rights: Christine Littleton

Vice Provost Christine LittletonIn her new role as Vice Provost for Diversity and Faculty Development, Christine Littleton will focus on the three Cs: communication, collaboration with deans and departments, and compliance with federal and state affirmative action laws.  Continue »
Dec 6, 2010

Science in Beijing: A partnership with Peking University

Photo illustration of Chinese flag in a petri dishA partnership with Peking University is bringing UCLA students into Beijing science labs.   Continue »
Dec 6, 2010

Putting public health concerns on the map

Detail of map showing fast food outletsLooking for a connection between obesity and fast food outlets? Tables of figures may not communicate as clearly as a data map. More and more, the researchers at the UCLA School of Public Health rely on sophisticated data mapping to communicate with policy-makers and the general public.   Continue »
Dec 6, 2010

Slam Dunk: Basketball team models sustainability

Basketball playerUCLA men's basketball coach Ben Howland and his players talk about a sense of urgency, dedication and teamwork - basketball virtues that translate to the arena of sustainability.   Continue »
Nov 24, 2010

Flash of Light: Faculty research lecturer Seth Putterman

Prof. Seth PuttermanThe motto of the University of California is Fiat Lux, "Let there be light." At the Fall 2010 UCLA Faculty Research Lecture, physicist Seth Putterman plans to deliver a flash of light in a literal sense. His presentation will include an experiment in sonoluminescense.   Continue »
Nov 24, 2010

UCLA Lab School and Stone Creek

Stone Creek Elementary school students from the UCLA Lab School have made Stone Canyon Creek, which runs through their campus, the subject of a yearlong science study.  Continue »
Nov 24, 2010

Winston Doby on Optimal Learning

Winston DobyIn this UCLA News Week Special, Vice Chancellor emeritus Winston Doby talks about optimal learning, his innovative approach to sustaining diversity at UCLA.   Continue »
Nov 23, 2010

Applying to UCLA: the personal statement

Calendar iconNov. 30 is getting closer. If you're applying to UCLA as an undergraduate, you need to be working on your personal statement and other portions of your application. This video provides some advice.   Continue »
Nov 15, 2010

Far from Moscow: Prof. David MacFadyen

David MacFadyenDavid MacFadyen, professor of Slavic languages and literature, created 'Far from Moscow' to offer Russian artists the chance to share their work and connect with similar artists in their local scene.  Continue »
Nov 15, 2010

'UCLA Innovates' with Dr. Molly Joel Coye

Molly Joel CoyeDr. Molly Joel Coye, UCLA Health System's innovation officer, will encourage innovation at UCLA, from projects already underway to ideas that are just a twinkle in a doctor's eye.   Continue »
Nov 15, 2010

The Art in MFA

Detail of artworkWhere are tomorrow's art superstars? The freshest new work? For many in the L.A. art world, the answer is the Warner Graduate Art Studios in Culver City.   Continue »
Nov 8, 2010

America's Watchdog: Henry Waxman

Rep. Henry WaxmanHe's been characterized as "tougher than a boiled owl" and the "Democrats' Eliot Ness." Alumnus and Congressman Henry Waxman is a veteran on the Hill.   Continue »
Nov 8, 2010

Robot Teacher: Dr. Erik Dutson

Robotic systemDr. Erik Dutson, sitting at home in Los Angeles, can wave to new surgeons in Milan, Italy, who are watching him on a monitor that serves as the "head" of a teaching robot. Dutson taught them how to perform minimally-invasive surgery.  Continue »
Nov 8, 2010

Wooden's Den

Wooden's den on exhibitThe memento-filled den from John Wooden's home has been lovingly reconstructed inside UCLA's Athletics Hall of Fame.  Continue »
Nov 1, 2010

Sand Mandala at the Hammer

Detail of sand mandalaBetween Oct. 26 and Nov. 7, 2010, Tibetan monks are creating a sand mandala on a table in the Hammer museum, where visitors may observe the work in progress.   Continue »
Nov 1, 2010

Tim Groeling and the power of political ads

Prof. Tim GroelingTim Groeling, associate professor and chair of the Communication Studies Department, is an expert on political communications and new media. So Election 2010 finds him busy viewing and analyzing political ads.   Continue »
Oct 25, 2010

June Dickson and driver safety

June DicksonJune Dickson is the driving force behind driver safety training for UCLA Fleet and Transit.   Continue »
Oct 25, 2010

Umpire Bill Miller

Umpire Bill MillerBill Miller '89 started his UCLA career on the baseball team. But he soon decided his chance for the big leagues would be as an umpire.   Continue »
Oct 25, 2010

Parents' Weekend: Boosting Bruin Family Connections

Mother and daughter from Parents' Weekend 2009UCLA Parents' Weekend, Oct. 29-31, is an opportunity for parents of undergraduates to connect with their kids and with other parents.   Continue »
Oct 18, 2010

Dean Rachel Moran, School of Law

Portrait of Dean Rachel MoranRachel Moran, the new dean of UCLA's School of Law, grew up in Yuma, Arizona as the daughter of an attorney. But she began her undergraduate studies in psychology.   Continue »
Oct 18, 2010

On the run: Shannon and Amber Murakami

Shannon MurakamiThis year senior cross-country runner Shannon Murakami is joined by her sister Amber.  Continue »
Oct 18, 2010

John Wooden's 100th Birthday

Coach John Wooden with his back to the cameraOct. 14, 2010 would have been Coach John Wooden's 100th birthday. UCLA paused to remember Coach and honor his legacy.   Continue »
Oct 11, 2010

Alumnus Richard F. Heck wins Nobel Prize

Richard HeckIn 21010 Richard Heck became the sixth UCLA alumnus to win the Nobel Prize. He earned both his B.S. and Ph.D. in Chemistry at UCLA, studying with Saul Winstein.   Continue »
Oct 6, 2010

"Happy Feet" - medical students serve the homeless

Foot careHappy Feet is the creation of a team of 17 medical students committed to taking their doctoring skills to California’s neediest populations. Now in its second year, Happy Feet has served hundreds at the downtown Union Rescue Mission and Path of Life Homeless Center in Riverside.   Continue »
Oct 4, 2010

Health sciences surfers: UCLA doctors and dentist ride the waves

Dr. Shane White surfingCall it wave therapy or yoga-by-the-sea. These UCLA health care professionals have discovered the relaxing and restorative power of surfing.   Continue »
Oct 4, 2010

Jared Diamond's "Collapse"

Jared DiamondJared Diamond's best-selling book "Collapse" explored how ancient civilizations made environmental choices that eventually ended in destruction. Now National Geographic has made a documentary version of the book.   Continue »
Sep 27, 2010

Off to the Arctic: Design professor Rebeca Méndez

Photo of Rebeca MendezRebeca Méndez has traveled the world to film and photograph nature in its extreme forms, from the Sahara Desert in Africa to the glaciers of Iceland. Now she's off to the Arctic, the furthest north she's ever traveled.   Continue »
Sep 27, 2010

UCLA Community School doubles space, size

Detail, playgroundThe UCLA Community School begins its second year with twice as many students and twice as much space. The explosive growth is a challenge.  Continue »
Sep 27, 2010

Volunteer Day 2010

Detail, map of volunteer sitesVolunteer Day 2010 was cool and overcast. But in every other way, it was even bigger and better than the inaugural event in 2009.  Continue »
Sep 21, 2010

Volunteer Day: Get Ready

Volunteers in 2009UCLA Volunteer Day 2010 is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 21. For the Volunteer Center, it's time to put the finishing touches on a massive planning effort.   Continue »
Sep 17, 2010

Welcome Week

Audience at Bruin Bash 2009True Bruin Welcome is an annual tradition at UCLA and fosters Bruin spirit for both new and returning students.  Continue »
Sep 13, 2010

Novelist Mona Simpson

Mona SimpsonNovelist and English professor Mona Simpson tells the story of a mom and a nanny in "My Hollywood."  Continue »
Sep 13, 2010

Ceramics of Ancient Mexico

Detail of vessel"Fowler in Focus: Monochrome Ceramics from Ancient Mexico," is on view at the Fowler Museum at UCLA from Sept. 12 through Jan. 23, 2011.   Continue »
Sep 13, 2010

William Roy explores folk music and social movements

William RoyIn his latest book, sociologist William Roy explores the history of folk music and social movements.   Continue »
Sep 3, 2010

Expedition artist Danielle Eubanks

Danielle EubanksAlumna Danielle Eubanks paints aboard a Phoenician ship replica.  Continue »
Sep 3, 2010

Bicycle activist Ayla Stern

Ayla SternStaffer Ayla Stern joins the L.A. Bicycle Advisory Committee.  Continue »
Sep 3, 2010

Kickoff! Tight end Joseph Fauria

Joseph FauriaTight end Joseph Fauria is new to the Bruins, a transfer student from the University of Notre Dame - but he and quarterback Kevin Prince played together in high school.   Continue »
Aug 30, 2010

For the Other World: Korean Funerary Figures at the Fowler

Kkoktu dollsMore than 70 dolls from the Ockrang Cultural Foundation of Seoul will be at the Fowler Museum from Aug. 22 through Nov. 28 in a remarkable exhibit called Korean Funerary Figures: Companions for the Journey to the Other World.   Continue »
Aug 30, 2010

The Goldbergs: vintage TV restored

Molly GoldbergIn the 1950s the first lady of television was the fictional Molly Goldberg - as written, directed, produced and acted by Gertrude Berg.   Continue »
Aug 23, 2010

Gerard Au, new Staff Assembly president

Gerard AuAs a UCLA undergraduate, Gerard Au commuted to campus and missed out on many aspects of campus life. Now that he's president of Staff Assembly, he's determined to create a strong sense of community for UCLA employees.   Continue »
Aug 23, 2010

Ann Karagozian leads Academic Senate

Ann KaragozianEngineering professor Ann Karagozian leads UCLA's Academic Senate in a year that promises to be a challenging one.   Continue »
Aug 23, 2010

Celebrating Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury in 1975Some 60 years ago, Ray Bradbury wrote "Fahrenheit 451" in the basement of UCLA's Powell Library. Now UCLA is offering a tribute website to celebrate the author's 90th birthday on August 22, 2010.  Continue »
Aug 16, 2010

Rediscovering the lost world of Neo-Latin

Neo-Latin textShane Butler and Debora Shuger are experts in the field of Neo-Latin studies, the study of the use of Latin during the 14th to 17th centuries.   Continue »
Aug 11, 2010

Marriage expert Andrew Christensen

Prof. Andrew Christensen"The wonderful thing about working with couples is that their struggles apply to so many people. Almost everybody's had their heart broken at least once or twice or more," says Psychology Professor Andrew Christensen.   Continue »
Aug 9, 2010

Hand transplant program

Prepped handIn some ways, hand transplants are more difficult than organ transplants. No one sees your liver or heart, but your hand is a visible part of your identity.  Continue »
Aug 2, 2010

UCLA family affair: the Tchekmedyians

Tchekmedyian siblingsTheir father is a clinical professor at UCLA's school of medicine, so it's no surprise that four Tchekmeydian siblings ended up at UCLA. But one attends crosstown rival USC.   Continue »
Jul 26, 2010

LA 2.0: Amber Hawkes and Georgia Sheridan

Georgia Sheridan and Amber HawkesCan a pair of urban planners change the future of Los Angeles? Not by themselves. That's why UCLA alumnae Georgia Sheridan and Amber Hawkes teamed up with GOOD Magazine and The Public Studio to create an interdisciplinary event called LA 2.0.   Continue »
Jul 26, 2010

Water wise: Sustainable Living Program

Campus entrance with drought-resistant plantsUCLA students in the Education for Sustainable Living Program install drought-tolerant plants in a water-wise landscape located at the campus entrance at Hilgard and Wyton.  Continue »
Jul 19, 2010

Bruin astronaut Anna Fisher

NASA portrait of Anna FisherAnna Lee Fisher ’71, M.D. ’76, M.S. ’87 was the first in her family to go to college. She studied chemistry and became a doctor at UCLA, and then went on to become an astronaut for NASA.  Continue »
Jul 19, 2010

Neil Malamuth: An academic and pornography

Neil MalamuthNeil Malamuth, a professor in UCLA's departments of Psychology, Women's Studies and Communication Studies, is one of a very limited pool of pornography researchers. But it's not always easy being a pornography expert.   Continue »
Jul 19, 2010

Neera Tanden '92

Neera TandenNeera Tanden '92 works in Washington D.C. But she hasn't forgotten what she owes to UCLA, and what UCLA owes to generations to come.   Continue »
Jul 12, 2010

Thomas Hines and Los Angeles modernism

Thomas HinesArchitectural historian Thomas Hines was a young acting professor when he moved into an apartment building designed by modernist Richard Neutra. Now an expert on Neutra's work, Hines has just published "Architecture of the Sun."  Continue »
Jul 12, 2010

Guy Kawasaki

Guy KawasakiGuy Kawasaki earned his MBA from UCLA in 1979. He went on to become the first "software evangelist" for Apple Computer, and is now a respected business leader, venture capitalist and blogger.  Continue »
Jul 6, 2010

Marty Sklar, Disney theme park icon

Mary Sklar '56Marty Sklar '56 helped to teach a class in entertainment design for the School of Theater, Film and Television. His qualifications are hard to beat: as a Disney "Imagineer," he is an icon in theme park design.   Continue »
Jul 6, 2010

Vintage Bruins: UCLA winemakers

VineyardThe title may be owner, proprietor, or president. But in every case, these UCLA alumni are dedicated to wine production.   Continue »
Jul 6, 2010

Brittani McCullough, champion gymnast

Brittani McCulloughNCAA champion gymnast and nursing student Brittani McCullough talks about the importance of UCLA to herself and other students.   Continue »
Jun 26, 2010

Stella Krieger, Fowler Museum Shop

Stella KriegerAs manager and sole buyer for the Fowler Museum Store, Stella Krieger gets paid to do something she loves: seek out and purchase beautiful, unique, handcrafted items.  Continue »
Jun 26, 2010

Moisés Román and Science for Kids

Moises RomanMoisés Román '96, alumnus and director of UCLA's University Village kindergarten, is also a consultant on the PBS show "Sid the Science Kid."   Continue »
Jun 26, 2010

John Wooden Memorial Service - June 26, 2010

On June 26, 2010 the family of legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden is gathering in Pauley Pavilion with alumni athletes, friends and well-wishers to celebrate his life.  Continue »
Jun 23, 2010

Chris Massey '95

Chris MasseyChris Massey '95 comes from a family of trailblazers. He sees a connection between his grandfather, the first Black California highway patrolman, and his own determination to speak up for UCLA.  Continue »
Jun 17, 2010

Rachel Moran, dean of UCLA Law

Rachel MoranThe eighth dean of the UCLA School of Law will be Rachel Moran, a UC Berkeley law professor.  Continue »
Jun 15, 2010

Commencement 2010

99 flags at Commencement 2010Commencement 2010, a weekend-long celebration, also included formal and informal tributes to coach John Wooden.   Continue »
Jun 14, 2010

Angela Sanchez has something to say

Angela SanchezAs a teen, Angela Sanchez lived in a homeless shelter. But she managed to finish high school and become a UCLA student. Now she worries about access for others like herself.   Continue »
Jun 14, 2010

National Championship for Softball

Megan LangenfeldThe 2010 softball Bruins re-wrote the record book, slugging more home runs in the season than any other UCLA team. And in the Women's College World Series, the home runs continued.   Continue »
Jun 9, 2010

Tribute to John Wooden

John WoodenLegendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden died June 4, 2010 at age 99.  Continue »
Jun 4, 2010

Two students change the world

Rishwain AwardsFor two UCLA urban planning doctoral students, the chance to make a difference appeared on opposite ends of the Earth. Ava Bromberg spotted her opportunity in South L.A., while John Scott-Railton is working in Senegal.   Continue »
May 28, 2010

Commencement speaker Flavia de la Fuente

Flavia de la FuenteUCLA student Flavia de la Fuente has been involved in the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign, protesting human rights violations in Burma, and promoting the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (Dream) Act. And now she is the student commencement speaker for the College of Letters and Science.   Continue »
May 24, 2010

Bike to campus

BicycleWhy ride a bike to campus? In this short film, one UCLA cyclist talks about saving money and feeling free, while the other speaks on sustainability.   Continue »
May 21, 2010

Excelling at public service: Humanitarian Award winners

Since 1986, the Charles E. Young Humanitarian Award has been bestowed on undergraduate students for outstanding commitment to public service. Here are the stories of this year's winners.  Continue »
May 17, 2010

Paul Terasaki, pioneer in transplant medicine

Paul TerasakiAlumnus and professor emeritus Paul Terasaki has long been a generous donor to UCLA. Now the man who came to UCLA as a transfer student in 1948 will have his name on a major building.   Continue »
May 17, 2010

Pauley Pavilion groundbreaking

Chancellor Block in hard hatSpeakers at the ceremonial groundbreaking included Chancellor Gene Block, athletic director and alumnus Dan Guerrero, and student-athlete Anna Li.   Continue »
May 12, 2010

Pauley Pavilion transformation begins

Rendering of remodeled Pauley PavilionThe May 11 groundbreaking ceremony symbolizes a renovation of Pauley Pavilion that is so extensive, it amounts to a transformation.   Continue »
May 7, 2010

Bruin astronaut Anna Fisher

NASA portrait of Anna FisherA NASA astronaut with three degrees from UCLA, Anna Fisher returns to campus May 15 as a UCLA Alumni Day guest expert.  Continue »
May 3, 2010

National Championship for Gymnastics

Anna Li with trophyIn 2009 UCLA's gymnastics team was edged out of the Super Six by the thinnest of margins. A year later, the team not only competed in the Super Six but triumphed with a score of 197.725.  Continue »
Apr 26, 2010

Masters of their domain

Teaching Awards 2010 wordingTheir disciplines range from law to science to the arts. But these six faculty members have something important in common: they are all outstanding teachers, recognized by their peers as well as their students.   Continue »
Apr 19, 2010

Green majors growing fast

Plant growingMany different academic departments collaborate to offer the Environmental Science major and its eight minors. "This is where science and policy meet," says the academic director of the Institute of the Environment.   Continue »
Apr 19, 2010

Darnell Hunt

When sociology professor Darnell Hunt moved to Los Angeles, he was surprised to find little documentation for the local history of the Black community. Editing Black Los Angeles: American Dreams and Racial Realities is one way he has helped to set the historical record straight.   Continue »
Apr 12, 2010

Richard Baum

China expert Richard Baum is often asked whether "the Chinese will eat our lunch." His answer to the question involves manners and peanut butter and jelly. Watch his video on China Watcher: Confessions of a Peking TomContinue »
Apr 12, 2010

Roger E.A. Farmer

Roger Farmer, the chair of UCLA's economics departments, has published two ambitious books. Expectations, Employment and Prices updates Keynesian economics for the 21st century. How the Economy Works demystifies economic theory for the general reader.   Continue »
Apr 12, 2010

Joyce Appleby

Historian Joyce Appleby would like to change the way we think and talk about capitalism. That's the focus of her latest book, The Relentless Revolution.  Continue »
Apr 12, 2010

Geoffrey Robinson

As a historian and an eyewitness, Geoffrey Robinson felt compelled to write the story of the way the United Nations halted genocide in East Timor. The result is If You Leave Us Here, We Will Die.  Continue »
Apr 12, 2010

Robert Winter: Software and a Steinway

Portrait of Robert WinterWhen music professor Robert Winter delivers the 108th Faculty Research Lecture, he'll use words, a piano, and animated images to make connections between Bach Fugues and a Chopin waltz.  Continue »
Apr 5, 2010

The Selling of Huck Finn

Madame Alexander doll of Huck FinnIf you think his Huck Finn memorabilia is "cute," don't tell collector Tom Wortham. His purpose in amassing the toys and souvenirs is to show how popular culture has distorted a novel he calls "tragic and difficult."  Continue »
Mar 29, 2010

Mei Lani Renger: Hospital Hero

Nurse Mei Lani Renger"A model of inspiration and compassion" is how the director of nursing describes Mei Lani Renger, a senior nurse in the neuro intensive care unit (neuroICU)of the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. With 15 years of experience, Renger is a mentor to others and steadfast in her support of patients and families.   Continue »
Mar 22, 2010

Nick Cave's Soundsuit Invasions, UCLA

Artist Nick CaveFor artist Nick Cave, an exhibition of his eye-catching Soundsuits at the Fowler Museum is also an opportunity to collaborate with students in UCLA's Department of World Arts and Culture. With dance and gesture, the students learn to make the Soundsuits come alive with sound and motion.   Continue »
Mar 9, 2010

Celebrating 40 years of Ethnic Studies

Detail of 40th anniversary logoForty years ago, UCLA became one of the first universities to establish ethnic studies centers to examine American Indian, Asian American, African American and Chicano history and culture. This academic year has been designated as the Year of Ethnic Studies at UCLA.  Continue »
Mar 1, 2010

Lauren Derby: Caribbean fact and folklore

Lauren DerbyFor UCLA history professor Lauren Robin Derby, it all started with a summer program in Spanish. Studying in the Dominican Republic, she fell in love with Caribbean history and decided that's where she'd focus her academic career.   Continue »
Feb 23, 2010

Honorary Degrees for WWII Japanese-Americans

Daily Bruin headline, Edict Bans Japanese from WestwoodFor about 200 Japanese-American students, the academic year 1941-42 ended abruptly in April. Banned from Westwood and the UCLA campus, many were evacuated to internment camps such as Manzanar. On May 15, 2010 these alumni or their families will be awarded honorary degrees from the University of California.  Continue »
Feb 16, 2010

Bruce Dunn and future power

Bruce DunnA professor in Materials Science, Bruce Dunn is working toward a future that's less dependent on fossil fuels. For instance, an enzyme reaction might convert sugar to energy. Perhaps a patient's own blood sugar could power a monitoring device.  Continue »
Feb 8, 2010

Stunts and Circuses

Bruin gymnast Tasha SchwikertThe young women who compete as gymnasts for UCLA know there is no professional league in their future. When college ends, competition ends. But a growing number are finding a use for their athletic skills in entertainment: doing stunt work for movies, television and live performances.   Continue »
Feb 1, 2010

Dr. A. Eugene Washington

Detail of portrait, Dr. A. Eugene WashingtonOn Feb. 1, Dr. A. Eugene Washington will become only the fifth dean of UCLA's medical school. His distinguished career includes the post of executive vice chancellor and provost at UCSF, the University of California, San Francisco.   Continue »
Jan 21, 2010

John Duncan: East meets West

Head shot of John DuncanJohn Duncan is now a professor of Asian Languages and Culture, and director of UCLA's Center for Korean Studies. But he began his academic career in an unusual way: as a teen-aged G.I. stationed in Korea. After his tour of duty, he stayed in Seoul to study history, and fell in love with Korean culture.  Continue »
Jan 19, 2010

Cellphone Microscope

Aydogan Ozcan with cellphoneAll over the world, people have cellphones. What if a simple add-on would transform a cellphone into a microscope, creating "mobile labs" to detect disease and monitor health? Aydogan Ozcan of the California NanoSystems Institute is working on just such a device.  Continue »
Jan 12, 2010

Dr. Gerald Levey passes the torch

Dr. Gerald LeveyIt's the end of an era for health care at UCLA. In January 2010 Dr. Gerald Levey is stepping down both as dean of the medical school and vice chancellor for medical sciences. He leaves behind him a better-endowed school and a state-of-the-art medical center.   Continue »
Jan 5, 2010

Bruins in Blue

LAPD badgeAt every level of the Los Angeles Police Department, you'll find UCLA graduates: smart people doing a difficult job with responsibility and compassion.  Continue »
Dec 17, 2009