UCLA Spotlight


Deborah Silverman, Art History

UCLA Art History professor Deborah Silverman is looking deep into Van Gogh's paintings to determine what sorts of influences affected the painter. She has discovered new aspects and potential imagery in some Van Gogh's work. Read on to find out more about her recently published book and findings.  Continue »
Dec 18, 2000

California NanoSystems Institute

One of three institutes to receive $100 million from the state for research, the California NanoSystems Institute is on the forefront of nano-research and may represent the future of technology. Don't know what Nanosystems are? Get with the now, take a look at what the Institute is up to and how they feel the future will be molded.  Continue »
Dec 11, 2000

Harvey Herschman, Gene Discovery

This month's Faculty Spotlight takes a look at Harvey Herschman, an expert in cellular biology and biochemistry who has taught and researched at UCLA for the past 31 years. But here's something you may not know about Herschman: he was a Los Angeles County firefighter from 1980-1992. What else don't you know about this accomplished professor?  Continue »
Dec 4, 2000

Ocean Discovery Center

At the Santa Monica Pier, UCLA students and volunteer docents are educating the Los Angeles youth about the fragile marine ecosystem that exists in their backyard and the environmental dangers that threaten it. The Ocean Discovery Center caters to almost 40,000 guests per year with interesting tours and exciting demonstrations. Read more about the center and its undertakings,  Continue »
Nov 27, 2000

Patricia Pratt, School of Medicine

Patricia Pratt has a knack for the recruitment and retention of UCLA medical students. In fact, this year the Association of American Medical Colleges has presented her with a prestigious service award. Find out why Pratt attributes her difficult childhood as the main reason for giving her these special skills.  Continue »
Nov 13, 2000

Tracy Davis, Student Regent

Tracy Davis has been appointed as the 2001-2002 UC Student Regent, taking over for last month's student spotlight, Justin Fong. This UCLA graduate student, pursuing a Ph.D. in Higher Education and Organizational Change, is passionate about public education and anticipates great changes within the UC system over the next five to ten years. What does she expect to change?   Continue »
Nov 6, 2000

Jimmy Carter, UCLA Medal

Jimmy Carter has ceaselessly pursued the eradication of poverty and disease worldwide for the last 20 years. For this service and more, he was presented with the UCLA Medal, the university's highest honor, at a recent guest-lecture. Find out more about Carter's work and his undertakings inside.  Continue »
Oct 30, 2000

Jeff Cole, Internet Study

Given the youth of the world's newest form of communication, the internet, researchers can enjoy a unique perspective on a medium that is still evolving. Professor Jeffrey Cole is studying the internet and patterns of communication within it. Working with thousands of users and many online companies, Cole is researching and creating a "moving-picture" of internet users and non-users. More about this innovative research inside.  Continue »
Oct 23, 2000

Candice Taylor, Black Hypertension Project

When Candice Taylor's grandfather died of hypertension, she took action. This premed undergraduate spent four years volunteering for the Black Hypertension Program - two years as director.  Continue »
Oct 16, 2000

Justin Fong, Student Regent

Newly-appointed Student Regent Justin Fong has been called a modern-day renaissance man. This 25 year-old public policy graduate student has been involved in a range of activities, but is particularly passionate about ensuring diversity through affirmative action. Find out why this stellar student was arrested.  Continue »
Oct 9, 2000

Mike Delzotti, UniCamp

Mike "Badger" Delzotti heads up UniCamp, an official UCLA charity that sends impoverished children to camp. Since taking over, Delzotti has pulled the charity out of a deficit and expanded its operations. Who is this miracle-working Badger? This spotlight holds the answer.  Continue »
Oct 2, 2000

Valorie Kondos Field, Gymnastics Coach

In 1972 a young ballerina diagnosed with scoliosis was told she could not do gymnastics because of her back. This young girl grew up to be Valorie Kondos-Fields, head gymnastics coach of UCLA. Heading up one of the top gymnastics programs in the nation, Kondos-Fields was named national Coach of the Year in '96 and '97 and brought the team to the NCAA title in '97 and 2000. Find out more about her journey in this month's staff spotlight.  Continue »
Sep 25, 2000

Kabir Singh, Best Buddies

Kabir Singh cares about his community. This double majoring premed has been passionate about working with disabled teens for quite some time. As co-director of the UCLA Best Buddies Chapter, Singh has implemented new programs and won the 2000 Charles E. Young Humanitarian Award. Inside: his brainchild, the "Buddylimpics".  Continue »
Sep 18, 2000

Visualization Portal

On the 5th floor of the Math Science Building is a 40-seat theater that has the ability to bring audiences through time and space using three-dimensional presentations. The Visual Portal Program is a program that allows students and researchers to better understand their work. Read on to find out more about this incredible project.  Continue »
Sep 11, 2000

Terence Tao, Mathematics

Terence Tao began taking high school classes at the age of 8. At 21 he had received a Ph.D. from Princeton. Now this 24 year old whiz kid is a full time professor at UCLA; check out this spotlight for a glance at Terence and his world of numbers.  Continue »
Sep 4, 2000

J. Fraser Stoddart and James Heath, Chemistry

A molecular computer? UCLA chemists Stoddart and Heath are hard at work creating a computer that is cheaper, smaller, and more efficient than today's silicon-based computers. Take a look at what these two innovators have to say about their work and the progress they’ve made.   Continue »
Aug 28, 2000

Agnes de Mille, Choreographer

Agnes de Mille, niece of Cecil B., was told that she was a terrible dancer as a child. But this UCLA alumna was not going to let a little criticism stop her; she became the "Queen of Broadway," choreographing scores of famous musicals. This spotlight describes de Mille's time at UCLA and outlines some her many life accomplishments.  Continue »
Aug 21, 2000

Cruz Reynoso, Law

Law professor Cruz Reynoso is more than just a popular instructor at UCLA; he is a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom and is also the first Hispanic associate justice to serve the California Supreme Court. How is it than Reynoso went from a poor farm working family in Orange County to being appointed vice-chair of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights? Find out here.  Continue »
Aug 14, 2000

Benjamin Cayetano, Governor of Hawaii

Benjamin Cayetano '66 had narrowly escaped a life of crime and had been married five years before he decided to attend UCLA. This decision marked the beginning of a journey that would ultimately lead him to the first first Filipino American state governorship. This month's Alumnus spotlight outlines Cayetano's unique trek from a latchkey existence to a state politician who made history.  Continue »
Aug 7, 2000

Michael de la Rocha, Outreach

Student body President Michael de la Rocha (1999-2000) feels that students must be social critics and do their part to challenge social norms. This belief is reflected in the work that he has done at UCLA helping outreach programs enroll larger amounts of underrepresented students.   Continue »
Jul 31, 2000

Utpal Banerjee, Award for Faculty Excellence

Winner of the 2000 Gold Shield Prize for Faculty Excellence, New Delhi native Utpal Banerjee feels that the ability to make science interesting to undergraduates lies in bringing out its natural beauty. Read on to find out about his research and why he is so crazy about Fruit Flies.  Continue »
Jul 24, 2000

John Wooden, Basketball Legend

He is the legendary basketball coach that led the Bruins to 10 titles in 12 seasons: John Robert Wooden. However, this "Wizard of Westwood", who ESPN called the Coach of the 20th century, is not only wizardly on the court, he has also written many books and considers himself more of a teacher than a coach. How is it that this famous Bruin was almost lost to the University of Minnesota? This and more in this month's staff spotlight.   Continue »
Jul 17, 2000

Dr. Michael Phelps and PET

Positron Emission Tomography, or PET, is a method of detecting levels of disease in a patient. Dr. Michael Phelps, who is one of the technology's originator's, established and heads up the PET program at UCLA.   Continue »
Jul 10, 2000

Joaquim Havens, Genetics

At 21, Havens was married, living in Greece, and scrubbing boat-bottoms for a living. Eight years later he designed the first gene-therapy treatment model for a genetic disorder called glycerol kinase deficiency. Read more about the unlikely path of Havens' life.  Continue »
Jul 3, 2000

Andrea Ghez, Astronomy

At 33 she found evidence supporting the existence of a supermassive black hole at the center of our universe, now this UCLA Astronomer continues to impress as she searches the universe for more black holes.  Continue »
Jun 26, 2000

Ralph Bunche, Nobel Peace Prize

Ralph Bunche '27 was the grandson of a slave and the first African-American to win the Nobel peace Prize. Find out more about this accomplished diplomat and former Bruin basketballer.  Continue »
Jun 19, 2000